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E-mail accounts    Ovi mail, yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Aol
Social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Fuckbook, Digg, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Thumblr, LinkedIn, Esty, Myspace
Social media marketing Facebook like, Twitter follow, Google plus, Pin-repin, Digg, Youtube view, etc
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PVAs – Buy PVA Accounts for optimum results

If you want to make your presence felt on the site you need to create an account using a verified phone number. And that’s why these phone verified accounts have gained in prominence today. If you want to advertise your products or services on these websites, including Craigslist, having these accounts is mandatory for your company.  However, creating these accounts yourself can be a time consuming exercise. And you don’t have to today, because we sell these accounts for the benefit of our clients.

E-mail accounts

Sending out your public address mailers and promotional content such as newsletters to your potential clients is part of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Whatever be the nature of your online business, you will need to have bonafide email accounts, and we sell these in prominent portals like Ovi, Yahoo, Gmail, aol, hotmail, etc.

There are packages available for specified number of accounts at different dollar amounts so that an online marketer can choose the package best suited to his business.

Social media

At one time, probably it was okay to ignore the trend of social networking, because only youth were involved with it (even so, pretty immature and shortsighted, that step). But no longer is pertinent for a business to not have a social media presence – Facebook, MySpace and Orkut are the pages which give a glimpse into consumer behavior in a single snapshot, and also make a business accessible to the user. Having an information page is therefore of prime importance, and it is also easy to go viral with promotional campaigns here. Do your own unique branding with social media regular accounts or phone verified accounts to gain a foothold in the online business by getting as many ‘likes’, ‘follow’, as possible.

You can buy phone verified social media accounts at a slightly higher price than regular accounts, and there are different packages to choose from in each variety. 


At one time it was an innovation which not everybody understood completely. But having Twitter accounts and profiles for everybody to ‘follow’ is quite a common thing now. We offer Twitter accounts and help your promote products, services or events in snappy, interesting lines.

You can buy either a package of a hundred Twitter accounts, or a 1000 account package depending on the scale in which you plan to do your microblogging campaign. Remember this is a very effective but timing centric campaing and plan accordingly.

Video Marketing

YouTube is a platform where marketing happens in the most vivid of forms because businesses can make anything from advertisements to short films and explain their products or showcase their abilities in details. We offer YouTube accounts in both regular and phone verified form. Buy YouTube accounts and automatically get likes and shares of your advertisements and branding films. If something really witty and fun is uploaded by you, it gets really easy to go viral on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter because sharing the YouTube video is so easy.

We also sell Pinterest accounts for those who would like to get an access into this social network portal as well. Promote your brand on pinboard with a mass scale using the Pinterest accounts.